Episode 2: Where is the ID Band?

Test Tip Tuesday Episode 2: ID Bands You are taking the test. You have studied, paid attention in class and practiced. You are as ready as you can be. You enter the testing room and receive your care plan and begin your first skill...only to discover the patient has no ID Band like you used…

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Skills Timing

Skills timing is a complex subject. A question I often hear is....how much time do I have to do the clinical skills. And the answer is...it depends! It depends on the skills you get. Some skills are short and will take less time to perform. Others are longer and will require more time. The combination…

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Testing Tip: Dentures in a cup?

Dentures 101 CNAs are not generally required to take a patient’s dentures out or put them in. This is a safety measure for both the CNA and the patient. Why? Because trying to “pop” denture plates from the lower jaw (where they will be held in place by denture paste) causes the CNA to place downward…

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