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When Do I Put On Gloves?

A lot of students think that you should put your gloves on immediately after washing your hands. But let's think about this: who are those gloves there to protect? You...or the patient? Who are the gloves for? In reality, gloves are there to protect BOTH you AND the patient! If you put on gloves when you…


When do you wash your hands?

Skill: All Question: Are you supposed to wash your hands before touching ANYTHING in the patient's room? Answer: No. When do you wash your hands? You wash your hands at the beginning of the skill to prevent the spread of germs from you to the patient. But you also wash your hands at the end of every skill…

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Do You Need a Barrier to Turn the Faucet On?

Skill: All Question: Do you need a barrier to turn the faucet on? Answer: It depends...are your hands clean, or dirty? Rationale:   Dirty hands (and gloves) can touch a dirty faucet all day long, but clean hands cannot (that's when you need a barrier). When you begin a skill you must wash your hands…


What if the Resident Can’t Scoot to the Middle?

Skill: Making an Occupied Bed Question: What if the resident can't scoot to the middle of the bed? Answer: Check the care plan! Rationale: As CNAs, you do not plan care or make decisions. That is not in your scope of practice. If the patient can't scoot toward you before turning them, the nurse would have…

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