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If you are on this website…you are probably getting ready to take a CNA class or you are preparing for the CNA state exam. We can help! Take a look around and see all the things we offer: Skills videos, animated lesson videos, CNA Skills Study Guides, Flashcards, practice kits, a complete online CNA Test Preparation Course and much more! We can get you “Test Ready” in no time! 

This is probably the MOST challenging time to be a CNA instructor, with the potential to have to transform into a virtual program at a moment’s notice! But don’t panic – CNA skills CAN be mastered virtually – and we have the resources to make it painless for both you AND the student! Click here for more info!

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What Testing Agency Does Your State Use?

Our Resources focus on Prometric Testing, but they can also be used to prepare for testing in any state. Not sure what testing agency your state uses? Use the interactive map below!

Use your scroll wheel to zoom in or out. Click the link to go to your state’s testing provider’s website (where available). The Candidate Handbook or Clinical Skills Checklists will give you test-specific information on testing processes in your state.

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We know that you can’t master the skills without DOING the skills! We produce skills books, DVDs and practice kits so that you can master the skills in your own living room and ace the CNA state exam!

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