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4YourCNA’s Classroom based program is taught in Spring Hill, FL by Miss Patti – the noted YouTube 4YourCNA instructor! Learn all 21 skills and theory related to the skills that will enable you to pass the CNA state exam – the FIRST time!

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

YOU! If you have a desire to help others, are interested in healthcare and want to learn the RIGHT way, you’ve come to the right place! After all…we wrote the BOOK on CNA training!

What is the class schedule?

Our Classroom-based LIVE CNA Test Prep Class meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am – 1pm for 4 weeks. Options to attend virtually are also available (after the first class). Class start dates are below:




How much does it cost?

The registration fee for this classroom-based program is $350 and includes all classroom instruction, books, online resources and test registration assistance. You will also need a set of scrubs in Royal Blue or Red (not wine) or Black and a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope (not provided) for class. *Please see LoosEndz Uniforms for supply details during registration.

How do you register?

Registration is on a first come-first served basis. Registration is completed at LoosEndz Mediscrubs, the scrub store behind Pizza Hut on US19 in Spring Hill (Address: 2911 Commercial Way, Spring Hill FL 34606). We do not have any other authorized locations. Due to social distancing, we only accept 9 students in each class…and they fill quickly! Once we receive 9 registrations, we close the class. A payment plan of $175 down to hold your seat and the remaining $175 due the first day is available. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Want a sneak peek?

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Learning Path

The first class eases you into your new career with introductions, exploring the importance of the care plan, Highlighting the Skill Rules Principle, explaining the testing process in detail, reviewing the books and resources, defining the Opening and Closing Principles and Demonstrating Handwashing Techniques.


Blue book: Read Chapter 1

Spiral book: Read Pgs. 8-24

Take Quiz on Pg. 132 (answer key on Pg. 152)

The second class builds on the principles learned on Monday, reviewing all testing care plans, discussing the role of the CNA in ADLs, identifying the proper dressing procedure for patients with a weak arm, as well as review the cardiovascular system. We will explore Glove Rules, Basin Cleaning Rules, Barrier Rules and Privacy Blanket Rules. Skills demonstrated: Mouth Care, Dressing a Resident with a Weak Arm and Pulse.


Blue book: Read Chapter 2 & 3

Take Quiz on Pg. 133 & 134 (answer key on Pg. 152)

Class 3 will review several changes associated with aging and review testing concepts. We will explore Washing Rules, Linen Rules and Documentation Principles. Skills demonstrated will include: Hand and Nail Care, Making an Occupied Bed, Measuring Respirations and Demonstrating Blood Pressure Techniques.


Blue book: Read Chapter 4

Take Quiz on Pg. 135 (answer key on Pg. 152)

Class 4 will review the test registration process and provide step-by-step registration instructions. We will define Shoe Rules and the Scoot and Roll Method and discuss the misuse of Side Rails. We will identify toileting methods and discuss the dangers of warm, dark moist environments and determine the purpose of range of motion exercises. The following skills will be demonstrated: Bedpan, supported side-lying position, ROM Shoulder and Foot Care.


Blue book: Read Chapter 5 & 6

Take Quiz on Pg. 136-137 (answer key on Pg. 152)

Class 5 will explore topics related to elderly care including energy conservation, types of dentures and the leaves method. Skills demonstrated will include: Range of Motion of the Elbow & Wrist, Denture Care, Ambulate with a Gait Belt and Partial Bed Bath. Approximately 30 minutes of classroom time will be allocated for practice.


Blue book: Read Chapter 7

Take Quiz on Pg. 138 (answer key on Pg. 152)

Class 6 builds on the Principles already learned and discussions will focus on safety, infection control and patient rights. Skills demonstrated will include: Transfer from bed to wheelchair, Feed a resident in a chair, and Peri-Care. Approximately 45 minutes of classroom time will be allocated for practice.


Blue book: Read Chapter 8 & 9

Take quiz on pages 139 & 140 (answer key on pg. 152)

Class 7 will complete skills instruction and review communication principles in relation to testing and clinical care. This class will feature extensive discussion regarding catheter use, safety and infection control principles. Skills Demonstrations will include: Range of motion Hip, Knee & Ankle, Catheter care and Emptying a Urinary Drainage Bag. Approximately 1 hour of classroom time is allocated for Practice.


Blue book: Read Chapter 10

Take Quiz on Pg. 141 (answer key on Pg. 152)

The final class will review employability skills, local employers who are hiring, continuing education requirements and renewal processes. Graduation photo will be taken and graduation folders will be provided.


Return Blue book!

Spiral book: Read Pgs. 125-127

Take Practice Test on Pg. 142 (answer key on Pg. 152)

Classroom Syllabus:

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