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Our interactive online questions are divided into 10 chapters. There are approximately 30-40 questions per chapter. Each question will provide feedback related to the answer you selected, so you will be able to learn from both right and wrong answers! This workbook is designed to integrate with Hartman’s Nursing Assistant The Basics 4th Edition, but can also be used as a stand alone resource!


This resource is free and can be accessed as often as you would like. Your grades are not stored anywhere.


These questions are flash-based. Please make sure you are using a device compatible with flash-based programming. If you are having difficulty accessing this resource with Google Chrome (Chrome does not support Flash-based programming), please try another browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. This resource may not be accessible using some mobile devices (tablets and phones) and are best viewed on a desk-top or laptop computer.



Long Term Care and the CNA’s Role (Chapter 1)

Foundations of Care (Chapter 2)

Understanding Your Residents (Chapter 3)

Body Systems (Chapter 4)

Confusion, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease (Chapter 5)

Personal Care (Chapter 6)

Basic Nursing Skills (Chapter 7)

Nutrition and Hydration (Chapter 8)

Rehabilitation and Restorative Care (Chapter 9)

Caring for Yourself (Chapter 10)

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