Animated Lessons

The Care Plan and the CNA

Start here! The care plan is the foundation of CNA skills. Watch this video to  understand what the care plan is, who develops it and why it is important to testing!

Scope of Practice

What is a CNA allowed to do? What skills are off limits for a CNA? What if I don’t know how to do a skill that I am asked to do?

Puzzle this out!

There are certain principles that are common among many of the skills we will learn – this lesson covers what they are and why you should care.

Glove Rules

Shouldn’t we wear gloves for everything in healthcare? (NOPE) Don’t I put them on when I walk in the room? (NOPPE) Do I have to know when to wear them for the test? (YES)

The Opening

Every skill starts with the Opening…and every opening starts with a knock! But that’s not all…there are a lot more steps to the Opening…and the order matters! Learn them all here.

The Closing

Every skill ends with the closing. The order isn’t important…except for the last 2 steps (get this wrong and you will fail the skills exam). This video details each step and why they are important.

Skill Rules

When learning the skills for the state exam, there are a few things you need to know to pass the test. This video covers the rules you need to follow.

Shoe Rules

When the patient’s feet hit the floor…we talk about their shoes. Why? I’m glad you asked! Watch this video for the answer!

Barrier Rules

Barriers…disposable underpads…chux. One item, many names. But when and how do we use them? And why is it important?

Privacy Blankets

If the patient is uncovered or undressed, privacy will count BIG on the state exam. The curtain isn’t enough…but watch this video to find out WHY.

Washing Rules

Whatever we wash…we rinse. Whatever we rinse…we dry. Sounds simple, right? But other steps aren’t as well-known. Watch this video to learn which steps count big.

Range of Motion

Performing exercises on a patient isn’t for the reason you think…and if you don’t understand this conceptStart here! , you will get it all wrong on the test.

Bed Position

What goes up, must come down…but does that count for the head of the bed, too? Watch this video to learn about the bed position and the CNA exam.

Handwashing & Simulations

You will wash your hands during your Opening and Closing for every skill – until you can simulate. Watch this video to find out HOW and WHEN to simulate handwashing.

Abnormal Values

CNAs are responsible for reporting all abnormal values…but how will you know what’s abnormal? Watch this video and we will show you!

Energy Conservation

Have you ever tried to get a two year old to understand why you don’t have as much energy as they do? Why does this matter? Watch this video to see why YOU are the two-year old in this example!

The Importance of Practice

Not practicing? Watching videos is not enough to pass the CNA clinical exam…find out why by watching this video!

Do I Have to Talk It Out?

Simple answer…YES! But do you know WHY? And what exactly you should be saying? This video will explain what’s expected by the patient, what’s required for the test and what’s the difference between the two!


The nurse asked you to do WHAT? Can you even DO that? Is it allowed? Let’s see how to figure that out!

Patient Care Environments

Have you ever wondered how nursing homes are different from hospitals, or how hospitals are different from rehabs? This lesson goes over the different places we might find a patient, and what care those patients might be receiving.

Healthcare Settings

So, you want to work in a hospital, do you? But, do you have the right PERSONALITY for that? Learn how different healthcare settings require different types of CNAs, and figure out where you might fit!

Testing Concepts

How Does the Test Work?

Come with us as we look at a normal day in the CNA testing center!

Skills Timing on the Exam

How much time will you have to do the skills? What if you time out? Will you fail if you go too slow…or too fast? We answer all of these questions and more in this skills timing video.

Corrections Are Our Friend

What if you make a mistake on the exam? You can correct it! But how…and when? 

Skills Categories 

Did you know that you will get a pre-selected set of 3 skills for the CNA Exam? One ADL skill, one Mobility skill and one Documentation skill. Watch this video to learn how the 11 care plan sets are set up.

CNA Renewal Instructions (Florida)

So you got your Florida CNA certification (Congratulations!)…but how do you KEEP it? When does it expire? How do you renew? Watch this video for important renewal information!