Tired of your current CNA job? Or want to gain different skills? Ever wonder where CNAs can work? In this interview series, we talk with CNAs from all types of workplaces including walk-in clinics, jails, hospital ICUs, pediatric day cares and more to discover what those workplaces require and what to expect. To the nursing home…and beyond!

So, you want to work in a Hospital?

Congrats! You are the envy of all your CNA friends! Not everyone has the skill set necessary to thrive in the complex, chaotic and diverse hospital environment...but you do! Your unique combination of flexibility and desire to work closely with a team makes you a clear pick for the hospital. Working in a hospital brings…

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Episode 1: Ashley, ICU

Workplace Wednesday Episode 1: Ashley ICU/IMCUDo you ever wonder what it is like to work in an ICU as a CNA? Are you thinking of applying for a job but don't know what to expect or whether it's a good fit for you? Join us as we interview Ashley and find out what CNAs do…

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