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Do you ever wonder what it is like to work in an ICU as a CNA? Are you thinking of applying for a job but don’t know what to expect or whether it’s a good fit for you? Join us as we interview Ashley and find out what CNAs do in a hospital ICU setting. 

“I have to remind myself that this is not their normal.”

It’s so important to remember that even though your daily routine may seem monotonous and boring, everything you do to the patient is NOT routine for them. You may be used to all those tubes and wires and bags, but your patient isn’t used to it and they are probably scared. A little compassion, some explanations, good communication and involving your patient in their care will go a long way toward promoting trust and leaving a positive impact.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and new settings. Learning new skills will make you a valuable member of the team and open up new opportunities. A willingness to learn is usually all it takes to gain new skills because most places are willing to train if you are willing to learn! Ask questions, get involved and explore your opportunities. But never forget what you felt like on the first day in that new setting – because that is exactly how every patient feels every day!

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