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Want to further your education but short on cash? Look no further…we have compiled a list of healthcare scholarship opportunities and scholarship generators that can help anyone out with education costs. Watch the episode then scroll down and visit some of the sites linked below! Leave us a comment if you found this information useful (and make sure you share with your friends!).

Check with your local colleges for scholarship opportunities, too! Some facilities and hospitals have scholarships offered by volunteers and alumni groups that will provide employees with scholarships for books and/or tuition in exchange for a commitment to continue to work for the facility as an RN for a certain amount of time. Most of these scholarships require that the employee has worked for the hospital for 6 months to a year, and will often require letters of recommendation from your supervisor. If you work for a hospital or facility, ask about tuition reimbursement and scholarship programs! just reached out to me with a list of nursing-specific scholarships they would like you to know about! Since these are specific to this site, you won’t find these scholarships anywhere else! Check them out here!

Another excellent reference for healthcare scholarships can be found on Health Administration Degrees website. Click on the link to view lots of nursing scholarship opportunities, as well as expert advice on how to land those scholarships! has also created a comprehensive guide that details:

  • Expected costs of nursing school
  • Available federal, private, institutional and military aid for nursing students
  • Scholarships and repayment programs open to nursing students
  • Loan forgiveness programs for nurses

Click here to check it out!

UPDATE: Here is another handy reference for scholarship information:

Don’t let a lack of money get in the way of your dreams! There are lots of ways to pay for your education, find the one that works for you! Think of the earning potential that you are missing out on every year by NOT being a nurse (or dietician or astronaut, or whatever you want to be!). Add that up year after year and see what you are missing. As Lucille Ball said, “I’d rather regret the things I did, rather than regret the things I did NOT do.”

Your future is waiting! Go get it!

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