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FAQs for CNAs

Looking for information on becoming a CNA? Click here for education requirements, testing processes, workplace details and more!

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Looking for resources to help you pass the CNA Exam? Visit our store for CNA Skills Study Guides, Skills DVDs, flashcards, card games, testing care plan sets, practice kits and more!

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We have a LOT of free information on this site…but our online course presents ALL the information (in an interactive format) that you will need to pass the CNA state exam! Enroll today!

Animated Lessons

Knowing HOW to do the skills is important…but knowing WHY certain steps are required will help you pass the test the FIRST time! These videos are essential to passing the CNA exam!

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Skills Videos

Let’s look at how the skills should be performed for the state exam!

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Ready to test? Get free test registration instructions here. Watch the step-by-step video or follow along with the slides!

Practice Test

Make sure you are ready for the written exam with our free practice test! Answer feedback and rationale provided at the end of the test!

Testing Tips

These testing tips will make sure you understand what the test expects! Read these Testing Secrets they don’t want you to know!

Workplace Quiz

What is the ideal workplace for you? Hospital? Nursing home? ALF? Pediatrics? Mental Health? You don’t have to guess because this quiz has the answer! Try the Ideal Workplace Quiz today!

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

Join us LIVE every week on our YouTube channel for a lively discussion on CNA training, testing and workplace issues! Live CNA Q&A Thursdays at 3pm (ET) on our YouTube channel!

CNA Facts

Looking for CNA information for each state? We cover training, testing and renewal information and provide contact details for the Board of Nursing in each state!

Local Employers

Looking for work in Hernando County, Florida? These employers want to hire you – apply today!


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Get information on attending the classroom program in Spring Hill, FL.


Download Test Coaching eBook 

Watch the classroom Livestream on Mondays & Wednesdays from 9am – 1pm (ET). See player below.

Get information on attending the classroom program in Spring Hill, FL.

Take the workplace personality quiz.

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Online CNA Test Prep Course

Choose the perfect pROGRAM

Why choose just one option when you can have it all? The direct attention of a classroom-based program, the convenience of online learning, the interaction with other students, tons of study materials and audio prompts that walk you through the skills! No other program ANYWHERE has as many features as 4YourCNA! Add in the instructor’s knowledge as a subject matter expert in Prometric testing and a teaching style that makes learning effortless and you’ll see why thousands of students choose 4YourCNA to prepare for testing!

4YourCNA complete program

Frequently asked questions

In the state of Florida, anyone can challenge the CNA state exam without taking a class. There is no education or experience required to qualify for the exam. However, passing the exam without any preparation is unlikely – and that’s where we come in! We give you all the knowledge (skills and theory) necessary to pass the CNA state exam!

Our CNA Test Prep program is designed from the ground up according to TESTING standards. We focus on what the test focuses on…which increases your potential of passing. Our courses are taught by an RN with over 25 years experience in nursing, and 15 years experience in teaching CNA principles. We know the test. We know how to teach. And we know how to help you pass…the first time.

Our courses are taught from the ground up. You don’t need any experience or knowledge to take our classes – we teach you everything you need to know. As long as you are able to read and communicate in English, we can take you the rest of the way! The lessons are short, taught in plain English (without a lot of complicated medical jargon) and interactive. Questions are welcomed and everything is explained thoroughly.

You can’t learn to do skills without doing skills. In this class, EVERYONE is a hands-on learner! Sure, there will be lectures, demonstrations and homework…but you will be DOING the skills after you are taught…that is how you learn!

Both! Classroom students get access to the online training as part of their registration fee. But there are some students who have difficulty attending a classroom program (due to childcare, transportation, work obligations or budget constraints) that make the online program more attractive. The online program is interactive, full of review questions and activities and fun! It’s a good option for those who have a computer and are self-motivated!

Try us out for FREE! View our skills videos (click here) to see how the skills are taught. Go to our YouTube channel and read the comments from thousands of students that used our resources and passed the exam. We have over 18 million views and 60 thousand subscribers…and we are growing every day! Our books and videos are used by schools throughout the country and our instructor is well-known in the industry as a Prometric subject matter expert and contracts with hospitals and other organizations to develop training programs for CNAs. You are learning from the BEST!

We believe that everyone should have a chance to be successful! We are doing our part to elevate the quality of care in our healthcare system by providing training, support and resources for anyone willing to learn. Our skills videos will always be free for students that want to learn how to perform skills properly to pass the state exam. We also offer free animated videos to help you understand the theory principles important to passing the exam. We answer questions related to skills and the CNA exam on our YouTube channel and we provide ongoing support to CNAs with an interview series and a podcast. Our other resources (books, videos, practice kits, flashcards) are a low-cost way to help support our ongoing mission!

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