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1. Start with the Videos!

Our popular skills videos show the students exactly how the skill should be performed for testing and adhere to all checkpoints on Prometric’s Clinical Skills Checklists. Our new animated testing concepts videos help the students understand the testing experience to eliminate anxiety! (Press Play to view the care plan video!) We even offer ad-free skills videos on DVD for you to use in your classroom for skills demonstration – only $29.99. The DVD can be helpful for students who don’t have access to quality high-speed internet, too!

With multiple camera angles, detailed explanations and closeups of critical steps, students gain insights into testing parameters and become engaged with the material. This resource correlates exactly with the CNA Skills Study Guide, for superb reinforcement of key principles with no conflicts. BEST OF ALL…these videos can be accessed by students at home for FREE right here on our website! This allows students to review core information repeatedly to ensure comprehension and gives the instructor some control over the resources being accessed! 

2. The Skills Study Guide - a strong foundation

Our Unique CNA Skills Study Guide Skills book gives your students the confidence they need to practice – and it makes sure they are doing it right! The skills book offers step-by-step instructions on how to perform each skill – according to Prometric testing standards – and includes test-specific information such as the testing care plan, timing information, supply lists, scenario information and theory related to the skill. It also features test registration instructions, scope of practice and delegation information and even a section on employment and renewal! With workbook exercises, activities and practice questions – it is sure to engage your students thoughtfully! Go through the slides below to see how you can use this book to help your students succeed!

CNA Skills Study Guide

BONUS: BULK School orders include a voucher code that allows each student FREE access into the Online CNA Test Prep Program (a $149 value!). Scroll to the bottom of this page for your bulk order form to order today!

screenshot of online CNA Test Prep Course

3. The Online CNA Test Prep Course

This course has it all – all in one place! Combining the videos with interactive lessons, activities and FAQs, this course leads the learner through all of the concepts in a logical manner, ensuring that each principle is mastered before building on those concepts. Designed to be thoughtful and engaging, but using short lessons and repetition, this course helps the learner understand the WHY behind the important steps and helps them gain the confidence necessary for successful testing. Over 100 lesson covering all topics from skills instruction to scope of practice to employment skills, your student will be thoroughly prepared for the exam in no time!

This one-of-a kind course is used by HCA hospitals to train entry-level caregivers, select Job Corps training centers, select VA nursing homes and schools and employers nationwide as well as individuals preparing for their state exam! This program is comprehensive, results in a high pass rate, and FREE for schools (with the bulk purchase of the CNA Skills Study Guide).

4. Practice Makes Perfect!

Sure, students can practice with common household items…but what happens during the test when they have never fastened a gait belt, or emptied an actual drainage bag? They get flustered, confused and immediately lose confidence. That’s not a good way to pass the test! If you want good results, your students need the right tools! And, if they aren’t in your clinical skills lab at school…then how can they work with the tools they will be testing with? We can solve that issue…easily! Our student practice kit contains all the items the students need for successful practice! Containing a bath basin, emesis basin, food tray, bedpan, triangular graduate container, urinary drainage bag, gait belt, toothbrushes, toothettes, denture brush, orange sticks, emery boards, alcohol pads, chux/barriers and gloves…and contained in a convenient carrying bag…your students will be ready to practice for REAL!

practice kit image

Schools can save some serious money on Practice kits! Retailing on our website for $64.99 to individuals…bulk orders drop this to just $47.99 each! Scroll to the bottom of this page for your bulk order form!

5. Return demonstration Assurance!

But how do you know…I mean actually KNOW… that the students have achieved proficiency? Well, if you are like me, you have the students perform the skills in your skills lab and you provide feedback. It’s what’s been done for decades in CNA training. But students are shy, they don’t like practicing in front of others, you might be distracted with questions from other students and all skills may not get checked off in a classroom setting with limited hours. But COVID threw a new wrinkle in this necessary component of CNA Training programs…what do you do if the students aren’t even IN the clinical lab…at ALL? Skills demonstration is certainly a challenge when teaching virtually, but return demonstration just seems impossible! But, actually, we discovered a very effective way to view student skills and provide feedback…and it’s super simple! Just use a Dropbox account, create a file request and have your students upload their videos into that file. Then watch the videos and provide feedback RIGHT ON THE VIDEO! So your students can see both their actions AND your feedback! This has been a useful addition to our program…one I am continuing! And since they have that practice kit…you can see how they use the supplies!

So, test ready students – from beginning to end – for only $72.69 per student (book + practice kit). Seriously. Does it get any easier? Print the order form below. 

Ongoing Support

Along with books and videos, we offer ongoing support and resources to both students and instructors! Visit our YouTube channel to view our videos, contact us by email at or use the order form below to order our resources.

Patricia Laramee, RN

Students can ask direct questions related to the material via our website or YouTube channel and receive personalized answers from our author! The instructor’s guide (on CD or book form) explains the teaching principles that help guide lesson planning for maximum impact. Practice Kits that provide all the supplies necessary for tactile participation in the classroom or at home can be purchased directly from us. 

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