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CNAs are in demand!  Due to the aging population and healthcare changes, the demand for CNAs is expected to grow rapidly!  Why train to become a CNA?

  • Short-term, low-cost training
  • Plentiful job opportunities
  • A higher-than-average starting wage
  • A great opportunity to enter the healthcare field

Come on in…your new career awaits!

We make CNA training EASY!

Want to become a CNA?  We have 3 easy-to-use options!

Free for all!

  • Free skills videos
  • Free online workbook
  • Testing links
  • This option is offered as a refresher to prepare for the CNA state exam.  It is intended for students who have completed a CNA training program or are enrolled in a nursing program.  This option does NOT cover CNA theory, which is an integral component of CNA training.


  • CNA Handbook Textbook
  • CNA Skills Made Easy skills book
  • CNA Skills DVD
  • Practice Kit
  • PLUS all FREE Resources!
  • This option is intended for use by challengers who have had some previous training or experience in healthcare and wish to challenge the CNA state exam.  CNA theory will be reviewed through textbook reading and skills are explained thoroughly through the Skills book, DVD and use of the practice kit.

Classroom Training

  • Classroom Instruction by RN
  • Practice in a clinical setting
  • Test registration assistance
  • Job placement assistance
  • Includes books
  • PLUS all FREE Resources!
  • This form of training is intended for all students.  CNA theory is obtained through textbook reading and class discussion.  Skills are demonstrated by an RN who ensures comprehension and directed practice helps ensure proper performance.  Test registration and job placement assistance are provided to support the student during and after training.  *This option requires additional supplies.

We offer many online certification programs, continuing education (in-service) courses and free resources for those wishing to enter the nursing profession.  Please click on each course below for a detailed description, pricing information and more!

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CNA Training Resources

These resources are FREE to all!  Click on each link to learn more.

CNA Skills Videos

CNA Workbook

Other low-cost resources:

CNA Practice test – $10

Certification Courses

These low-cost certification courses feature easy-to-follow online instruction and instant certification.  Please click the appropriate course for more information.

4 Hour Assistance with Self-Administered Medications (Med Tech)

Home Health Aide

EKG Technician

Other Resources

Click on any of the following links to learn more about these resources available for order.

CNA Skills Made Easy Skills Book

CNA Skills Made Easy Skills DVD

Nursing Assistant Handbook: The Basics

Student Practice Kit