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Each skill video is located within the playlist to the right of the featured video. Select the video you wish to watch (or let them autoplay to view all of them!). Below the current video, you can view the testing care plan for that skill. Click on the “Steps” tab to view the general steps involved in the skill demonstration. You can make the videos full screen for easier viewing!

Animated Lessons (further down)

Animated Lessons contain important principles that will need to be demonstrated during your state exam. These are sometimes called “Rules”. Watching the animated lessons will help you understand why certain things must be done – and how they need to be done. Select a video from the playlist to the right (or let them autoplay to view them all!). You can make the videos full screen for easier viewing!

Live Weekly CNA Q&A Replays 2022

Playlist: Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

Join us for our LIVE CNA Q&A Sessions on Thursday at 3pm (ET)!

Each week we cover a relevant CNA topic and audience questions on CNA training, testing and the workplace!

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Skills Review Videos

Care Plan

Wash your hands with soap and water using friction for at least 20 seconds before and after every patient encounter.


Animated Lessons

Learning Goal

Your role as a CNA will be tested on both the written and the skills part of the CNA State Exam. Understanding your role as a CNA is the most important aspect of CNA training – knowing HOW to do something is not beneficial if you don’t understand WHAT needs to be done and WHEN it needs to be done. CNAs follow the Care Plan, the Whole Care Plan and Nothing But the Care Plan. Put another way, CNAs perform routine tasks on stable patients according to the care plan!

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