Episode 2: Where is the ID Band?

Test Tip Tuesday Episode 2: ID Bands You are taking the test. You have studied, paid attention in class and practiced. You are as ready as you can be. You enter the testing room and receive your care plan and begin your first skill...only to discover the patient has no ID Band like you used…


Testing Tip: Use an alcohol pad

Testing Tip: alcohol pad Respirations are easier to count if you place an alcohol pad on the patient’s abdomen. It's all about psychology! Why? Your eye is drawn to movement of a contrasting color. An alcohol pad packet is often a different color than the patient’s clothing or the sheet. This contrast in color makes…

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privacy curtain

Testing Tip: Privacy Curtain

Close the Privacy Curtain For All Skills…Except One!   Privacy Curtain Basics Providing privacy for skills is an essential component of patient care. It may not always make sense to you to close the privacy curtain for certain skills, but it must be done! I often hear questions like, “If we are walking a patient, why are…