Testing Tip: Use an alcohol pad

Testing Tip: alcohol pad Respirations are easier to count if you place an alcohol pad on the patient’s abdomen. It's all about psychology! Why? Your eye is drawn to movement of a contrasting color. An alcohol pad packet is often a different color than the patient’s clothing or the sheet. This contrast in color makes…


Testing Tip: Raise the bed?

Going up... Hospital beds are great! You can raise the bed higher to make it easier for you to do your skills…less bending equals less stress on your back! For the exam, you are more than welcome to raise a bed to a comfortable working height if you wish. BUT… IT IS AN AUTOMATIC FAIL…

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Testing Tip: Dentures in a cup?

Dentures 101 CNAs are not generally required to take a patient’s dentures out or put them in. This is a safety measure for both the CNA and the patient. Why? Because trying to “pop” denture plates from the lower jaw (where they will be held in place by denture paste) causes the CNA to place downward…