Wisconsin CNA Facts

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Wisconsin requires 102 hours of CNA training in a state approved program, including 32 hours of clinical experiences. 

Summary: 102 training hours


CREDENTIA performs CNA testing in Wisconsin. Qualifications for testing include:

  1. Candidate must complete the 102-hour state-approved training to test.
  2. If you are trained Out-of-State, you may seek approval from D&SDT HEADMASTER before testing.
  3. If you are Student Nurse/Graduate Nurse Training, you must be currently enrolled in a state-approved education program preparing for registered nurse or practical nurse licensure.

You can also review the Candidate Handbook for more details on your eligibility to test.


EXAM Description
Knowledge and Demonstration/Skills
$ 125
Oral and Demonstration/Skills
$ 130
Knowledge Only
Oral Only
Demonstration/Skills Only

Please note: personal checks or cash ARE NOT accepted from candidates.

Summary: $125 testing fee


CNAs in Wisconsin are required to renew their CNA certification every 2 years.

The cost to renew is not specified by the state.

The requirements for renewal are:

  1. CNA must work for pay as a nurse aide in a health care setting such as a nursing home, hospital, home health agency, assisted living or personal care agency for at least eight (8) hours during the previous 24 months.

Summary: 8 paid working hours is required to renew


The employment outlook for CNAs in Wisconsin is good. As of 2020, there are 30,650 people employed as CNAs and it is projected to grow by 2% at 2030 making it to 30,020 employees. It’s projected annual job openings between 2018 – 2028 is 3,600.

Summary: 2% projected growth


The average pay rate for CNAs in Wisconsin is $33,743 as of September 26, 2022, but the range typically falls between $30,753 and $37,260

Summary: $33,743 average pay