Ohio CNA Facts

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Ohio requires 75 hours of CNA training in a state approved program, including 59 of classroom instruction and 16 hours of clinical experiences. 

Summary: 75 hours training


HEADMASTER performs CNA testing in Ohio. Qualifications for testing include:

  1. Candidate must have successfully completed a state-approved training. 

A candidate can waive the nurse aide training requirement if:

  1. The candidate has enrolled in a pre-licensure program of nursing education approved by the board of nursing, or by an agency of another state that regulates nursing education, who has provided the director or the director’s designee with a certificate from the program indicating that the individual has successfully completed the courses that teach basic nursing skills including
    infection control, safety and emergency procedures, and personal care. 
  2. The candidate has the equivalent of twelve months or more of full-time employment in the preceding five years in a position with hospital experience that includes the provision of direct patient care involving the performance of daily living activities, such as toileting, bathing, feeding, dressing, etc.
  3. The candidate must have military occupational training and experience in the United States Armed Forces in positions including, but not limited to, Medical Specialist, Healthcare Specialist, and Hospital Corpsman.

You can review the Candidate Handbook for more testing information.


Exam Description
Knowledge Test or Retake
Oral Knowledge Test or Retake
Skill Test or Retake

Summary: $104 testing fee


CNAs in Ohio are required to renew their CNA certification every 2 years.

The cost to renew is $65.

The requirements for renewal are:

  1. You must complete 48-hours of in-service training.
  2. You must provide proof of at least one day of paid service.

Summary: $65 renewal fee


The employment outlook for CNAs in Ohio is good. As of 2020, there are 63,210 people employed as CNAs and it is projected to grow by 1% at 2028 making it to 64,100 employees. It’s projected annual job openings between 2018 – 2028 is 7,770.

Summary: 1% projected growth


The average pay rate for CNAs in Ohio is $33,448 as of September 26, 2022, but the range typically falls between $30,484 and $36,935.

Summary: $33,448 average pay