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CNA Principles Card Game Instructions

CNA Card Game Playing instructions! NEW for 2022!
Learn how to play the CNA Principles Card Game!

The goal is simple: collect one or more Principles Sets to gain points Рavoid Crappy Caregivers Рand use Specialty Cards to outwit your opponents in this fast-paced card game for 2-4 players! This game requires several hands to play, so settle in for some serious CNA FUN! 


  • Collect points while playing each hand – the first person to score 40 points wins the game (but you can shorten it by playing to a smaller number of points if you are short on time!)
  • Lay down completed sets to score points (sets must be complete to lay down) during your turn
  • Draw a card from the deck each turn (or pick up the ENTIRE discard pile) to collect sets
  • Follow instructions on Specialty Cards to gain an edge over your opponents!
  • Each hand ends when a player lays one or more completed sets that totals at least 7 cards (if less than 7 cards, the hand continues)
  • Elect a scorekeeper to keep track of points at end of hand:
    • Each card in a complete set that is placed in front of a player = 1 point¬†
    • Subtract 1 point for each “Crappy Caregiver” in a player’s hand at the end of the hand
    • Subtract 1 point for the player that has the “Careplan Catastrophe” card
    • No points are awarded for sets in a player’s hand – they must be placed during your turn to count as a point
  • Shuffle and deal again – continue playing hands until a player reaches 40 points!

The CNA Principles Card Game details important principles that must be demonstrated when performing CNA Skills and can be used as an effective study aid – but is designed to be played by family and friends with no medical knowledge, too! So, gather your tribe and deal out some serious fun!

Patricia Laramee, RN

Patricia Laramee is an RN and educator. She has authored the CNA Skills Made Easy program which includes books and videos, which are used by CNA programs throughout the country, and is currently working on several new textbooks and other projects. She has dedicated her career to providing high-quality educational resources that center on testing standards and best nursing practices. She lives in Florida with her husband and four-legged furry assistant.