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Provide Passive Range of Motion to Hip, Knee and Ankle




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Provide Passive Range of Motion to Hip, Knee and Ankle

Yep, another range of motion – this time on the hip, knee and ankle. But how do we know WHICH exercises to do, and how many times to do them? The care plan! The care plan is specific to THIS patient and tell us exactly what THIS patient needs. The point is….no two care plans will be the same, because no two PATIENTS are the same. So, how do we know what we are supposed to do for the test? Read the care plan!

See that little red button above the video? That is the care plan for the state exam. Click on it. Go ahead, I’ll wait. This care plan tells us to only exercise the right leg (maybe the left one just had surgery, or they have a blood clot in that leg or that leg is injured). It tells us to only perform flexion/extension and it tells us to perform each exercise three times. Since this care plan is very specific, you will be graded on following it exactly. Always read and follow the care plan!

This video shows this skill demonstrated according to the specific testing care plan used by Prometric for the exam.


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