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Handwashing CNA Skill


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Do you know how to wash your hands the right way?

You will be graded on Handwashing at the beginning and end of your first skill. It is important that you work up a good lather and rub with friction for at least 20 seconds. This 20 seconds is friction (rubbing) and does not include time spent on your nails.

How to Time Your Handwashing

Some people sing songs when they wash their hands (like “Twinkle, twinkle…” or “Happy Birthday”) but this is not an effective timing method for the exam. There will be a clock right above the sink…use it! This is what the evaluator will use to ensure you have rubbed for at least 20 seconds!

Patricia Laramee, RN

Patricia Laramee is an RN and educator. She has authored the CNA Skills Made Easy program which includes books and videos, which are used by CNA programs throughout the country, and is currently working on several new textbooks and other projects. She has dedicated her career to providing high-quality educational resources that center on testing standards and best nursing practices. She lives in Florida with her husband and four-legged furry assistant.

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