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Empty Urinary Drainage Bag CNA Skill

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Check the Position of the Drainage Bag!

The drainage bag should be positioned so that it is hanging from a non-moving part of the bed, above the floor. The bag can NEVER be lifted above the patient’s hips and it should never be allowed to touch the floor. The tubing should be coiled on the bed so that it cannot pose a tripping hazard to those walking by.

Drainage Bag Care PlanInfection Control is the key!

When emptying the bag, the port cannot touch ANYTHING – not the bed, the floor, the container, the chucks – NOTHING. Proper technique must be used to prevent bacteria from entering the drainage bag. Bacteria easily multiplies and migrates up the tubing and catheter and into the bladder, causing a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

Measure the RIGHT way!

The urine must be measured in a container with markings using three specific criteria: on a barrier, on a flat surface, at eye level. If you miss any one of these criteria you won’t get credit for ANY of it! Make sure all three criteria are met to be successful!

Urine from the drainage bag goes in the toilet

Yes, this goes without saying…but you would be surprised at how easy it is to make this mistake during the test! Take a moment to make sure you are disposing of the urine properly!

Patricia Laramee, RN

Patricia Laramee is an RN and educator. She has authored the CNA Skills Made Easy program which includes books and videos, which are used by CNA programs throughout the country, and is currently working on several new textbooks and other projects. She has dedicated her career to providing high-quality educational resources that center on testing standards and best nursing practices. She lives in Florida with her husband and four-legged furry assistant.