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Personal Care Skills

Mouth Care

Denture Care

Feed a resident in a chair

Dress a resident with a weak arm

Position resident in a side-lying position

Assist the resident with a bedpan

Welcome to, home of the FREE CNA skills videos!  Please take a moment to click on each tab (introduction, instructional and demonstration) detailing the proper use of these videos for maximum comprehension.  There are 3 videos for most skills.  Each one has a specific function and they should be viewed in order – just click the playlist below to view all videos for each skill presented in the proper order. 

Take a look at what each video has to offer!

HandwashingIntroduction videos should be viewed first.  These slide-based presentations detail the important points and provide additional information about the skill for greater comprehension.  Learning WHY the skill should be performed is just as important as discovering HOW the skill should be done.

Instructional VideoInstructional videos detail the step-by-step procedure that must be followed for proper performance of the skill.  These videos feature specific verbal instructions, on-screen tips and close-up camera views.  These videos should be watched after the introduction videos and are designed to integrate with our skills book CNA Skills Made Easy by Patricia Ramsey, RN.

Demonstration FeedingDemonstration videos show how the skill should look and sound in a clinical setting.  These videos do not provide skills instruction (this is covered in the introduction and instructional videos).  They are designed to show caregiver-client interaction, as if you were watching the skills test being performed in a testing center.  These videos should be viewed last.

Supply KitThese skills videos will help you learn the proper way to perform the skills, but it is up to you to practice!  Without practice, you will not be able to fully integrate the principles you see here into your daily skills performance.  You may find it helpful to purchase a practice kit to have the necessary supplies to practice in your own home.

Provide Mouth Care to a Resident with Teeth

Provide Mouth Care to a Resident with Dentures

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Feed the Resident in a Chair

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Dress a Resident with a Weak Arm





Making an Occupied Bed

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Change Position to Supported Side-Lying

Assist Resident with a Bedpan

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