We offer many online certification programs, continuing education (in-service) courses and free resources for those wishing to enter the nursing profession.  Please click on each course below for a detailed description, pricing information and more!

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Certification Courses

4 Hour Medication Assistance Course (Med Tech) $65

Enroll Now ButtonThis course is available to everyone – no previous experience or certification is required to enroll.  This course is required for any unlicensed person assisting residents of assisted living facilities or home care with their medications in the state of Florida.  This course covers legal and regulatory principles, medication assistance techniques, documentation requirements and more.  Certification upon course completion.  Cost – $65

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2 Hour Continuing Education Renewal Course now available!  For those who have already completed the initial 4 hour training in Florida.  Florida law requires all persons who assist residents with self-administered medications to complete 2 hours of continuing education in this field. This course meets those requirements.   Cost – $25

Online Home Health Aide $129

Enroll Now ButtonThis course is available to Florida Licensed CNAs or those that have completed the in-class CNA Test Prep Skills Training by 4YourCNA in Spring Hill, FL.  This online certification course instructs the student on adapting skills into a home setting and will cover topics such as safety, food handling and preparation, shopping, infant and child care, cleaning, chemical safety, emergency procedures and more.  Certificate of completion issued on course completion.  Cost $129.

EKG Technician $229

Enroll Now ButtonThis course is available to anyone currently working in the medical field.  This online course will cover basic cardiac anatomy and physiology, cardiac chemistry, EKG electrode placement, EKG complexes, rhythm interpretation, exception beats, heart blocks and more.  Certificate of completion issued upon successful course completion.  Graduates are eligible to take the national certification exam through NHA (National HealthCareer Association). Cost $229.

Training resources

FREE Skills Videos

View VideosThese skills videos were developed and demonstrated by an RN after extensive research into current best nursing practice and state standards.  The proper performance of each skill will be detailed through an introduction video, instructional video and demonstration video. These videos are intended for nursing students, nursing assistant students, staff training and family caregiver training.  This resource is FREE.

FREE online workbook

Access WorkbookThe online workbook is an interactive resource featuring questions from Hartman’s Nursing Assistant Handbook by Jetta Fuzy, RN.  The questions are presented in a chapter format with rationales and page numbers for reference.  This is a good preparation for the written component of the state exam. This resource is FREE.

Online Practice Exam $10

Enroll Now ButtonA sixty question multiple choice exam with rationales will help you prepare for the written state exam.  the exam pulls 60 questions from a pool of over 200.  You will have 30 days access to this resource for $10.

Please note:  The online environment is set up to allow only one purchase per user account.  If you wish to re-enroll, you must call 352-263-2328 to make payment over the phone and we will manually re-enroll you in the practice exam.

Other Resources

CNA Skills Made Easy Skills Book $35
Skills Book

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This skills book provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform all 21 CNA skills along with sample care plans and supply lists for each skill.  It also includes helpful tips and important principles, chapter tests with answer key, test registration instructions, documentation forms, medical abbreviations, continuing education requirements, interview techniques, sample resume and more!  A must-have resource for anyone preparing for the CNA state exam!  $35 – Order now!

CNA Skills Made Easy DVD $29.99

Order Skills DVD

This DVD demonstrates all CNA skills by an RN in an easily understandable way, ensuring your comprehension of all important principles and offers on-screen instruction and tips.  This valuable resource will help you prepare for the state exam by seeing exactly what the evaluators are looking for and how the skill should look when performed properly.  Only $29.99 – Order today!

CNA Student Practice Kit $49.99
Supply Kit

Student Practice Kit

This student practice kit contains all the personal care supplies that you will need to practice these skills in your own home including: wash basin, emesis basin, bedpan, graduate container, urinary drainage bag, chucks, food tray, emery board, orange stick, toothettes, toothbrush, gait belt, alcohol pads, gloves and more!  Using the proper supplies makes practicing much more effective and will help you fully prepare for the exam.  Only $49.99 – Order now!

CNA Textbook $42

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Hartmann’s Nursing Assistant Care: The Basics by Jetta Fuzy, RN is a valuable resource for all CNA students, explaining the theory behind nursing assistant care and explaining important principles such as patient rights, privacy, infection control principles, safety and more.  This book should be used in conjunction with the skills training book and DVD above.  Order now – only $42!