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We offer many online certification programs, continuing education (in-service) courses and free resources for those wishing to enter the medical profession.  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS FREE DEMO COURSES! Our courses are entirely online and self-paced.  They are very easy to access and navigate and provided multiple opportunities for self-assessment. These courses offer immediate certification with no state or national testing required for employment. You can truly learn today and work tomorrow! Jump start you career by clicking on each course below for a detailed description, pricing information and more!

4 Hour Medication Assistance

This course is available to everyone – no previous experience or certification is required to enroll.

Home Health Aide

This course requires a Florida CNA certification or proof of CNA skills instruction.

Home Health Aide for CNAs 

This online certification course instructs the student on adapting skills into a home setting and will cover topics such as safety, food handling and preparation, shopping, infant and child care, cleaning, chemical safety, emergency procedures and more.  Certificate of completion issued upon course completion. Cost – $129


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