EKG TechniciansEKG

EKG Technicians are responsible for obtaining EKG tracings or monitoring live continuous data and identifying cardiac rhythm abnormalities to report to licensed healthcare professionals.  Technical terms for this type of employment are monitor tech and EKG technician.  This certification is often obtained by individuals currently working in the healthcare field (CNAs, LPNs, etc.) as an additional certification that leads to a greater range of responsibilities and wages.

These technicians are often employed in hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics and other healthcare settings.

This online course will cover the following topics in an interactive format.  Feel free to try our FREE DEMO before enrolling to make sure this learning style is right for you!

  • Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology
  • Cardiac Chemistry
  • EKG components
  • Basic Rhythms
  • 12 Lead EKGs
  • Holter Monitors
  • Exception Beats
  • Advanced Rhythms & More!

This course is made up of 2 modules: EKG Basics and Rhythm Interpretation. EKG Basics should be taken first and will cover the theory behind EKGs, Cardiac Anatomy and physiology, cardiac chemistry and more. Cost is $129.

After completion of EKG Basics, the student should enroll in Rhythm Interpretation. This portion of the course will cover the basic components of an EKG complex, basic rhythms, exception beats, premature complexes and more. Cost is $100 for this module.

Students will receive a certificate of completion for each module. Click here to enroll!